How to Hot desk with your 3CX phone

How to Hot desk with your 3CX phone

Purpose: Steps to hotdesk with your 3CX phone
Audience: End Users
Requirements:  A 3CX admin needs to have already set up a phone for hotdesking and your extension enabled for hotdesking

Steps to log into a Hot-Desking Device

1) To log into a hot-desking device the user dials *77*[Extension Number]* (e.g. *77*100*). The IVR service answers and prompts the user to enter their voice mailbox PIN number. Upon completion, a confirmation prompt is played and the device is reprovisioned for the user’s extension.

Note: If the hot desking device reboots after roaming to the device, have your admin update the device firmware to the latest 3CX supported firmware.

Steps to Log out of a Hot-Desking Device

1) To log out from a device the user needs to press the first available BLF (Speed Dial) button on the device, assigned on all hot desking devices to logout. 

User-configured BLF extension settings are shifted one position down to accommodate the logout button.

Alternatively, on a device without BLF buttons the user dials *77*5* to logout.

It is possible to roam directly from one extension to the next without logging out in between. While user A is currently on a device just reuse the login process to directly log into the next extension.

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